Emma Josh

Whether you are a portrait, wedding, or even pet photographer, sometimes it is nice to step outside of your comfort zone and go shoot something you might not ordinarily get a chance to do. Getting models, venues, etc. isn't always an easy or a quick thing to pull together, so that's why we are bringing you Couture Clicks. Leave the planning to us, show up, shoot some awesome stuff, meet some awesome people, and leave the details to someone else.

Couture Clicks looks to bring you highly stylized shoots, from simple things like High Fashion Bridal to highly stylized concept shoots such as, Masquerade Ball, Les Miserables and much more.

For those of you just starting out, building your portfolio, or finding your specialty, these will be the perfect opportunity to practice your skills and work with great people. We are here to bring you a shooting experience, help you enjoy photography, and let you shoot for yourself.

So come join us for a day of fun and photographs...


1 // What do I bring?
Camera gear of course! Your lenses, your flash, basically anything you would typically bring to a shoot. Depending on the style and location of the shoot we might have strobes set up, so pocket wizards if you have them. And don't forget a jacket or sweater depending on the location. P.S Business cards to network and win giveaways with.

2 // I haven't been to one of these shoots before, how does it work??
When everyone arrives we give a brief overview of the event, introduce the models and give a quick venue tour. We then break you into smaller groups so you have the opportunity to work with the models without a paparazzi style of shooting. We rotate the groups and models around so everyone has an equal shooting opportunity. At the end of the event we do a quick wrap up and then some fun giveaways from our sponsors.

3 // Can I use the images in my portfolio
Yes, you may use the image for professional use. Commercial use of images is limited to non exclusive blogs and is dependent on location restrictions.

4 // Can I bring someone with me?
Unfortunately the shoots are reserved for paid attendees to make sure the space and time is used efficiently for everyone there.

5 // Do I need to bring a model release for the models?
No, we will provide model releases to the models that cover all participating photographers.